A strong safety culture is more than just complying with rules. It’s about being vigilant, proactive and demonstrating the care and respect that we have for ourselves and one another.

Safety is one of our core Values and it is our priority.

Today, work stopped in every office and manufacturing site across our Group so that every colleague could participate in our Global Safety Stand Down. This global event took place in response to a serious hand injury that occurred in our Steam Thermal Solutions Business the previous week.

During the Safety Stand Down, our leaders reinforced the importance of living our safety culture every day while our colleagues shared their thoughts, observations and stories related to safety in their role and working life.

All of our colleagues are empowered to stop the job and encouraged to raise any concerns at any time, whether that’s in our own facilities or at a customer site. Our belief is that there is no deadline, productivity metric or business outcome that is more important than our safety. That’s why we reminded all our colleagues that ‘nothing is more important than Safety’ and we asked them to help us build an even stronger safety culture by always speaking up and taking action.