Solutions to improve the operating efficiency, safety and sustainability of mission-critical industrial processes

We are a leading thermal energy and fluid technology solutions Group, committed to providing solutions that support customers to improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of their industrial processes.

Our expertise, solutions and services sit behind the production of many consumables that people across the world rely on every day, from food and drink to medicines.

We operate in a wide range of industrial sectors, from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to transport and power generation.

Spirax Group is positioned to play a critical role in enabling the industrial transition to net zero.

Our recently launched new-to-world decarbonisation* solutions use proprietary technologies to electrify boilers, for the raising of steam, as well as the electrification of other critical industrial process heating applications.

* Eliminates scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions when connected to a green electricity source

Our routes to market

Our direct sales approach is instrumental in delivering on our Purpose and creating value-adding opportunities for self-generated growth.

Our sales companies

We have over 100 sales companies, mostly holding local inventories, which are supplied by our manufacturing companies. Our direct sales approach plays an important role in all routes to market – whether direct or indirect – as our engineers engage with end users to highlight the benefits of our products, solutions and services.

End users can then purchase from us directly, specify our products in OEM equipment, request that contractors specify our products or purchase from a distributor.


Who are our end users? 

End users of our products and services include industrial and commercial steam, electrical process heating and peristaltic and niche pump users, across a wide range of markets. They might purchase from us directly, specify our products, or buy from distributors.

Our Impact

Find out about the ways in which we are making our difference around Spirax Group.

From the ways in which we serve our customers and communities, to the work we do with our suppliers and all the ways in which we support each other to bring our best selves to work every day.

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Industrial Decarbonisation

Spirax Group's Purpose is to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders as we engineer a more efficient, safer and sustainable world.

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