"The proprietary technologies we have in ETS, deliver electrification solutions at scale within a broad range of critical industries and applications. These also provide new ways for customers to maintain their existing operating processes* while also achieving their net zero aims. This applies to the solutions we provide directly as ETS as well as the TargetZero solutions, deployed by Steam Thermal Solutions, which decarbonise* the raising of steam."


Armando R. Pazos




*Eliminates scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions when connected to a green electricity source.


Lowering emissions and delivering efficiencies

We create electrical process heating and temperature management solutions, including industrial heaters and systems, heat tracing and a range of component technologies.

Our electrical process heating and temperature management solutions improve process efficiency through better thermal energy management and control systems.

Electrical heating solutions are a complementary medium to steam and there are synergies with the broad industrial and geographical application.

They are easy to incorporate, install, maintain and control and can have zero emissions at point of use, making them a sustainable choice.

Our solutions excel in applications that require rapid ‘on-off’ control, higher temperatures and concentrated power loads as well as in an increasing range of sustainable applications where decarbonisation of industrial processes is a key driver.

Customer benefits

Key Statistics

  • £378.5m Revenue (Full Year 2023)

  • 15.6% Adjusted operating profit margin (Full Year 2023)

  • 36 Operating units (31st December 2023)


Chromalox is a premium global provider of electric thermal technologies, engineering advanced thermal solutions that deliver superior performance for customer’s sustainable and mission critical applications. For more than 100 years, Chromalox has shaped the history of industrial process heating. Today, it leads the transformation in energy, materials, advanced technology, health and nutrition that will deliver a sustainable future.

From protecting against cold weather to decarbonising industrial processes, Chromalox specialists design, engineer and manufacture solutions to help customers in a range of manufacturing industries put in place solutions to daily thermal energy challenges.

Product overview

  • Decarbonisation solutions
  • Heat trace solutions
  • Cold weather solutions
  • Process heating solutions
  • Tank heating solutions
  • Potable water solutions

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Vulcanic has been designing and manufacturing electrical heating and cooling solutions since 1973, offering a wide range of standard, customised and engineered solutions for safe and hazardous environments. It supports 30,000 customers in 100 countries across the world with electrical industrial heating and cooling of liquids, gases and solids, including temperature measurement, control and power supply.

Vulcanic’s design services and products are used in sectors including automotive, marine, environmental, facility management, pharmaceutical, power generation, oil & gas and food & beverages. It is an ISO 9001 v 2015 accredited company with bases throughout Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia.

Vulcanic teams support partners with designs of products ranging from process heater and thermal, electrical, electronic, mechanical and temperature controls, from conceptual design and feasibility studies throughout the life cycle of equipment.

Product overview

  • Heating elements
  • Immersion heaters
  • Core heaters
  • Heating rods
  • Heating hoses
  • Temperature control units
  • Air conditioning units
  • Chillers and dehumidifiers
  • Industrial heating systems

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With over 60 years’ experience in designing heating solutions and temperature measurement, Thermocoax supports customers in a range of sectors with the skill and expertise to meet their operational needs. Thermocoax products are designed and certified to the highest industry standards and are widely used and endorsed in many industries, from automotive to food packaging and solar energy.

Originally founded in France, the company now has bases in Europe, China and the USA, serving clients in nuclear, aeronautic, space, power generation semiconductor and analysis solutions.

Product overview

  • Thermocouples
  • Heating elements
  • Sterilisation units
  • Semiconductors
  • Power Generation (Turbines)

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Durex Industries

Durex Industries has over 40 years’ expertise in the thermal control business. A trusted custom thermal solutions supplier and engineering design partner for customers across a range of industry sectors, it also offers engineering, manufacturing, testing and laboratory and quality assurance services.

Durex serves businesses in sectors including: process industries, life sciences, plastics processing, food and packaging, aerospace, defence and security. Its innovative bespoke solutions – such as retrofitting heating elements to prevent outdoor beverage dispensers from failing in low temperatures and custom-made circulation heaters to heat fuel in large ship engines – together with outstanding quality and service, are key drivers for a business that prides itself in working in partnership with its customers to fulfil their engineered thermal requirements.

Product overview

  • Electric heaters
  • Process heaters
  • Temperature sensors
  • Temperature controls and panels
  • Semiconductor equipment

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How we support oil and gas producers to reduce CO2 emissions

Chromalox, part of ETS, is helping to reduce carbon emissions in the exploration and production facilities of a major energy company in the USA. Using our innovative Medium Voltage technology, we retrofitted electric immersion heaters into heater-treaters to replace the gas-fired element, conducting the operation on site to minimise expensive asset downtime and providing a zero-emission solution when supplied with renewable energy. Heater-treaters are critical to processes in the global energy industry and Chromalox is reaching more operators in the sector to help them decarbonise this key equipment.