Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth

It is essential for the production of food, the health of soil and water and the quality of the air we breathe. As global ecosystems and habitats come under threat, the complex interactions between plants, animals and microorganisms are in danger of decline. 

Across our operating companies, our colleagues are working hard to protect biodiversity through improvement projects and offsetting, working in conjunction with our communities and supply chains to meet our key strategic targets and to leave the world in a better place for tomorrow. 

Deliver a biodiversity offset equivalent to the operational footprint of our global operations every year to 2025

Deliver biodiversity net gain of +10% for all new manufacturing sites and facilities

100% of Group operating companies to deliver at least one biodiversity initiative on site or in the community by 2025

In addition to our key strategic targets above, we are also managing our manufacturing operations to minimise risks to biodiversity, ensuring necessary controls are in place to mitigate risk. 

How we’re protecting biodiversity with the World Land Trust

We aim to protect the biodiversity of our planet, working in partnership with the World Land Trust and committing to protect an area equivalent to five times our operational footprint by 2025.

In Argentina, where we have around 200 colleagues, we are proud that our support is helping to protect endangered wildlife habitats, animal and plant species in a Patagonian nature reserve.

How we created a sustainable wildlife habitat alongside an industrial site

When planning a new 17,000m2 industrial facility, which opened in 2020, colleagues at Aflex Hose, part of our Watson-Marlow Business, demonstrated their instinctive commitment to biodiversity. Even before we published our One Planet: Engineering with Purpose Sustainability strategy, they acted on their belief that we must minimise any ecological impact caused by our developments by creating a safe environment where nature thrive. Planting hundreds of trees, hedging, shrubs, meadows and wildflowers, the result is a flourishing green ‘belt’ around the perimeter of the manufacturing site, a haven for local wildlife and key pollinators.

Biodiversity in action

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