Sustainable solutions aligned to our Purpose

Spirax Group's Purpose is to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders as we engineer a more efficient, safer and sustainable world.

We help our customers to improve the operating efficiency, safety and sustainability of their industrial processes that are helping put food safely on the world's tables, keeping our hospitals running, delivering the electronics we all rely on and providing life-saving vaccines and gene therapies.

Our recently launched new-to-world decarbonisation* solutions use proprietary technologies to electrify boilers, for the raising of steam, as well as the electrification of other critical industrial process heating applications. 

Decarbonising the raising of steam

Our New-to-World TargetZero suite delivers the electrification of steam, replacing fuel-fired steam generation with zero-emission medium voltage technology*. 

We have three solutions within the TargetZero suite that maximise energy efficiency using viable and cost-effective technology to achieve decarbonisation in industrial production.  

*Eliminates scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions when connected to a green electricity source.



Steam energy transfer is a clean and sustainable process that traditionally has relied on fossil fuels to generate the steam required.

We are decarbonising steam generation to achieve our net zero goals and enable our customers to meet theirs, too.

Electrifying industrial process heating applications

Our proprietary technologies deliver 'first fit and retrofit' electrifcation solutions at scale in any industrial settings that require process heat.

Industrial manufacturing typically uses heat to transform raw materials into finished products and fossil fuel is still the most prevalent heat source used today.  

We help customers to maintain their critical operating processes while still achieving their net zero aims.

Sustainable solutions

All three Businesses are focused on supporting more sustainable practices especially when it comes to conserving precious resources.

That's why Watson-Marlow is engineering vital fluid technology solutions that optimise the efficient use of resources and support advancements in global health, such as lifesaving vaccines and gene therapies.