Our success is shaped by our Values and supported by a strong culture

To deliver our Purpose, colleagues strive to make their difference every day. 

We promise our colleagues the opportunity to do meaningful work, creating a sustainable future for everyone - supported by amazing teams and strong relationships across the globe.

Inclusion is embedded in all our Values, empowering each of us to be our best, authentic selves and achieve our full potential. 

An inclusive, equitable and wellbeing-focused culture makes us stronger as individuals, as teams and as Spirax Group. It is central to the promises we make to our colleagues and critical to achieving our Purpose.

Colleagues at Spirax Group are part of a leading global business committed to creating a more inclusive and sustainable world. Shared by everyone, everywhere across the Group, our Values guide the way we work and underpin our approach to business every day. By putting inclusion at the heart of everything we do, our culture brings people together for the benefit of their work, lives and communities.

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Our Values

Our Values underpin all that we do and ensure that we support our people, communities and our Businesses in sustainable ways. Our Values are:





We care about people, helping them stay safe and look after their own wellbeing.






We are more successful when we trust each other and work together.



Customer Focus


Through our expertise, passion and insight we achieve extraordinary results for customers.





We approach challenges with passion, aiming for excellence in all we do, to build a sustainable business.





Everyone matters, both inside and outside our Company. We respect the natural environment and our local communities.




Success only matters when achieved fairly. We believe that winning with integrity leads to sustainable results.


The Spirit Awards

We believe that everyone, and everything we do, matters. 

When we hold our Values at the heart of our work, think creatively and strive to make a positive impact, great things happen. 

We created the Spirit Awards to recognise what happens when our people ‘elevate the everyday’ in their Businesses, across their communities and for our Group. Wherever and whoever you are, you can be nominated for a Spirit Award.

The Spirit Awards shine a light on the difference our colleagues can make when they align their ambitions, care, professionalism and experience with our Values and help us, Spirax Group, achieve our Purpose.

Take a look at what happened when we came to celebrate our colleagues' achievements in 2023.