We're all unique, we all have a story, and we're all included

We’ve put inclusion at the heart of the Spirax Group because when we have the workplaces and culture where we can all be our authentic selves, where we all understand and value what makes each other unique, and where we all know how best to look after ourselves and each other, everyone benefits. 

It means our colleagues have happier, healthier and more productive lives and we’re all better able to achieve our potential - at work and at home. It means we have a bigger, more sustainable impact on the communities we are part of. It means our customers, suppliers and everyone else who depends on what we do, benefits.

In short, it means we’re even better placed to engineer the more sustainable world we all need today and for our collective future. 


Building inclusive workplaces

Hear from Darren Towers on the power of building diverse teams and how we support them through our inclusive workplaces.

Everyone is Included

In February 2022, we launched our first Group Inclusion Plan, 'Everyone is Included'. Our plan set out our commitment to inclusion, equity, diversity and wellbeing for the Spirax Group. It recognised we had made progress and that we have much more to do. To help, it set out some initial goals on inclusive leadership, inclusive behaviours, inclusive processes and inclusive partnerships - all with the aim of helping empower truly inclusive and equitable workplaces where all of our colleagues can be themselves and achieve their potential.

Making commitment a reality

We wanted to make sure that Everyone is Included also brought tangible benefits to all colleagues globally from the start. So, we created our Group Inclusion Commitments – ten commitments that have become our global minimum standards on topics as wide-ranging as parental leave, caregiving, pregnancy loss, domestic violence and abuse, menopause, LGBTQ+ inclusion, hybrid working, wellbeing and more.

They are our way of supporting our colleagues during some of the happiest moments in life and during some of the most challenging times too.

Our Commitments

Making our difference together

Inclusion is a team effort and there is always more to do. To help us make progress and ensure that we understand and benefit from the wide range of perspectives and voices in our Group, we have a number of global colleague networks.

These bring us together to understand and celebrate our differences and they unite us in bringing positive change to our Group and the local communities we work in.

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Caring for each other

At Spirax Group, we believe that supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our colleagues globally is the right thing to do and that it’s fundamental to our success as individuals, teams and a Group.

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