We believe we have a special culture at Spirax Group

We aim to be a caring, respectful and authentic organisation that aligns behind our shared Purpose in support of creating value for all our stakeholders.  

For colleagues that means all the ways in which we help you grow and develop in your role, but more importantly it's about the way we show up for you, helping you through life's key moments at work and at home.  

And it's about how we help you to show up in service of your stakeholders, be it customers, suppliers, the environment, our local communities or our shareholders.   

Across Spirax Group, we endeavour to offer a consistently exceptional colleague experience, enabled through our Values, our Purpose, our business model and Inclusion Commitments.

We provide regular opportunities for feedback and act on suggestions for improvement.

These are our four Colleague Promises:


A tear-drop shape that is made up of component shapes with icons and words for each of our Values: Safety, collaboration, customer focus, excellence, respect and integrity

1. An Inclusive Culture based on Values

You will be part of a leading global business, committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable world for colleagues at work, at home and in the community.

Our six shared Values guide the behaviours of our colleagues around the world and underpin our sustainable approach to the way we do business and work together every day.

2. Meaningful work creating a sustainable future for all

Within every role is the opportunity to be part of something bigger by using your unique capabilities and innovating to engineer a more efficient, safer and sustainable world.

3. Development every day to fulfil your potential

With an eye to the future, you will have the opportunity to drive your career, problem solve and develop new capabilities whilst recognising and building on your strengths.

4. Belonging to supportive teams and strong relationships

You will be part of a friendly, supportive and innovative team. Beyond that, you will connect with dedicated, inspiring and diverse global colleagues.

At Spirax Group you will be encouraged, as well as supported, to be yourself and champion an inclusive culture.

Building stronger communities

Find out more about how we support colleagues to make a difference in their local communities as part of Spirax Group. From three days' paid volunteering leave to the role of our Group Education Fund.

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Protecting our planet

Find out all the different ways our colleagues get engaged in our One Planet: Engineeering with Purpose Sustainability Strategy to help address climate change and protoect our local biodiverse habitats.

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Looking after your wellbeing

We introduced a Wellbeing Day in 2022, giving colleagues, all around the world, an additional day of paid annual leave to focus on their wellbeing and self-care.


This was initially our response to help counter the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic but having seen the impact of providing that extra time for colleagues to refresh and invest in their positive mental health, the Wellbeing Day was brought back in 2023 and has been made permanent for all colleagues from 2024 onwards.


This means, everyone in Spirax Group receives an additional day of paid leave, every year for that little bit of extra ‘me time’! From a spa day, a hike, learning a new hobby or spending more time with friends and family, colleagues have that time to recharge and take part in something that is meaningful to them.


To deliver our Purpose we aim to recruit a diverse mix of high-calibre people, empower them to perform at their best, and support them to grow their skills with us every day.

We encourage our colleagues to make the most of the huge variety of opportunities we have across the globe, so that everyone can shape their own career and achieve their potential.

Careers at Spirax Group