Inclusion unlocks our potential

When all of our colleagues can be themselves and achieve their full potential, we’re better able to create the more efficient, safer and sustainable world that we all aspire to have. 

That’s why we’ve put inclusion at the heart of our Group through ‘Everyone is Included’ (our Group Inclusion Plan and Inclusion Commitments), Diversity Goals and more. Inclusion is integral to all of our Group Values too. After all, treating colleagues fairly, ensuring their wellbeing, supporting them to be their authentic selves and helping them with life’s challenges benefits individuals, teams and our Group, as well as our customers, the communities we work in and everyone who depends on us.

We’re making progress, but there’s always more to do. So, we’ll continually evolve our approach, add to it, celebrate success and learn from things that don’t quite go to plan. We’ll share our experiences here on our website and in our Annual Report, and we’ll work with our partners to have an even greater impact together. 

Find out more about our approach and how we’re making a difference here.

Our Approach

Why Inclusion Matters

Our Group CEO, Nimesh Patel shares what being included means to him and why Spirax Group's Inclusion Commitments are so important for our inclusive culture based on shared Values.

"When our colleagues can be themselves at work, they can achieve their best, and when we all understand more about each other, we can better support everyone on life’s challenges. This thinking, and the passion our colleagues have for inclusion, is just one reason why I’m very proud to be part of the Spirax Group." 


Darren Towers - Head of Inclusion, Equity and Wellbeing, Spirax Group









Our difference is our strength

In 2023, we added to our inclusion journey with our Group Diversity Goals because we believe that diverse teams bring the variety of thought, skills, experience and perspectives that make us an even more successful Group.

Find out more below and in our Annual Report each year.

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Collaborating for good

We work in partnership with a range of global and local organisations to learn, to share our successes and challenges and to hold ourselves to account. We don't have all the answers, so collaboration with like-minded organisations helps inform our inclusion journey.

Working in great partnerships also enables all of us to collectively make a bigger difference together.

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