Supporting our communities

Spirax Group is responsible and committed to positively contributing to the communities in which we operate.

We work to address global sustainability challenges such as poverty, hunger, access to education, inequality, climate change and biodiversity loss.

Our global community engagement programme, ‘Giving today for a better tomorrow’ focuses on meeting local needs today so that our communities will be stronger and more resilient now and in the future.

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How we make a difference

We deliver a combination of local and Group-supported activities. All Group colleagues are entitled to three days of paid volunteering leave each year, to give their time, talents and expertise for a wide range of good causes.

Our operating companies are encouraged to support their communities by identifying local needs, donating cash or other forms of help to meet those needs.

In 2023, colleagues increased the number of hours they spent volunteering compared to 2022, reaching over 25,000 hours of Company time.

Our Group Charitable Fund supports registered charities in the UK and further afield, while our Group Education Fund donates over £1 million a year in support of its purpose to promote inclusive and equitable access to education for people in our communities.

Our key strategic targets:

  • Deliver 150,000+ hours (cumulative) of colleague volunteering globally by 2025
  • £2 million of cash or in-kind donations (cumulative) made by our Group Companies by 2025
  • Establish a Group Education Fund and donate up to £15 million by 2030