Sector-focused insights and applications

Our thermal energy and fluid path solutions play an essential role in many industrial processes worldwide, helping customers in a huge range of sectors to increase efficiency, safety and sustainability. We work in higher-growth end markets, such as chemical production and processing, equipment manufacture and transport; and in the production of consumer goods, from clothes to food and medicines.

In the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology sector, our peristaltic pumps, valves and single-use components enable precise flow control and fluid isolation, while clean steam reduces the risk of product and process contamination, and electrical heating supports a wide range of applications. 

In Transport, electrical heating components provide freeze protection and defrost for engines and fluid delivery; specialist hoses are essential in braking, cooling, transmission and steering systems and cruise ships employ heat exchange and recovery solutions. 

In the Food & Beverage industry, processes such as blanching, baking, brewing, distilling and sterilising use steam; commercial food equipment uses electric heating; and pumps meter and transfer ingredients and handle process waste.



Food & Beverage


Steam is used for blanching, cooking, baking, brewing, distilling, packaging, cleaning and sterilising. Electric heating elements are used in commercial food equipment. Pumps are used to meter and transfer ingredients, deliver food to process lines, and handle process waste.



Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology


Clean steam reduces the risk of product and process contamination; electrical heating is used in a wide range of process heating applications; our peristaltic pumps, valves and single-use components enable precise flow control and fluid isolation.




OEM Machinery


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are companies that build and supply machines for use in industry. Our activities with OEMs vary from simple product supply to advising on machine performance improvements and process plant design.





Steam is used in hospitals and clinics for space heating, hot water production, humidification and sterilisation. Pumps and associated equipment are used in the manufacture of products for the Healthcare industry.



Water & Wastewater


Peristaltic pumps are used to dose chemicals during water treatment processes and to transfer viscous and abrasive slurries. Electrical heating solutions provide freeze protection, temperature maintenance and space heating in water treatment plants.






Steam is used to provide space heating, humidification and hot water in public and private buildings, while our electrical products are used for hot water and heat generation, snow melting, gutter and roof de-icing, and frost-heave prevention.



Oil & Gas


Electrical heating products increase fluid viscosity, deliver freeze protection and help separate natural gas, crude oil and water during extraction. Our steam products enable optimum steam system performance and reduce energy use during oil and gas production.





Steam and electricity are widely used as an energy source in chemical production and product processing, while our pumps are used to safely and accurately transfer and dose critical chemical components.




Power Generation


Electrical heat technologies are widely used to optimise power generation. Steam turbines transfer chemical energy in fuel into electrical energy and steam is used to distribute and re-use waste heat formed during the power generation process.



Mining & Precious Metal Processing


Peristaltic pumps reduce water, energy and chemical use and increase productivity while moving and processing abrasive ores and slurries. Electrical heating is used for temperature maintenance and space heating for workers.





Electrical products are used in printing production processes to ensure thermal uniformity which is critical during the chemical production process; clean and pure steam generators supply the humidification system to ensure the air is not too dry or wet.






Electrical heating components provide freeze protection and defrost for engines, rotating equipment, mechanical systems and fluid delivery. Lined hoses are used for braking, cooling, transmission and steering systems. Our steam heat exchange and recovery solutions are used on cruise ships.