Engineering sustainable solutions

Our direct sales business model, wide product range and depth of knowledge uniquely position us to engineer a more efficient, safer and sustainable world.

We do this by understanding our customers’ needs and developing and delivering products and bespoke solutions to meet those needs.

From improving product quality and reducing waste, to increasing efficiency and production output; from reducing product energy use and carbon emissions; to lowering water use and reducing maintenance downtime, sustainable solutions are at the heart of our business and our offering to customers.

Reducing carbon emissions

Our customers are setting increasingly ambitious sustainability targets to reduce energy and carbon emissions.

Across the three Group Businesses, we’ve used an externally verified methodology to calculate that a select range of products* sold in 2023 will reduce our customers’ emissions globally by 16.6 million tonnes annually.

That’s the equivalent to 675 million mature trees absorbing CO2!

*Annual estimated customer CO2 savings from a select range of 20 product categories sold in 2023.

Industrial decarbonisation

Industrial decarbonisation plays a vital role in the steps customers need to take to achieve net zero. Across Spirax Group, we are decarbonising processes that are critical to industrial operations. This enables us to support customers to achieve their carbon reduction goals.

Our TargetZero range of solutions builds on our expertise to optimise, manage and retain steam systems, offering electrification of steam generation, which can eliminate scope 1 and scope 2 emissions when coupled with renewable energy sources.

Our pioneering history of delivering solutions across steam, electrical thermal and fluid path technologies continues to bring significant efficiency improvements for our customers and provides us all with a cleaner, safer and more efficient future.

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Natural Technology

Our customers recognise that steam, as a natural technology, is integral to their processes. Using new technologies and renewable resources, we can retain and develop the use of steam, which is a high-efficiency, mission-critical agent for diverse industries.

Steam has a vital place in our sustainable future because it is intrinsically clean and safe and can be produced by clean electricity, green hydrogen or in biomass boilers. Its only by-product - water - is recycled. Led by sustainable environmental objectives, we are working to ensure that the natural technology behind steam makes it a key element of our decarbonised future.

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