Our difference is our strength

Across Spirax Group, we’re creating a truly inclusive and equitable working culture – where we attract, develop and retain great colleagues from all backgrounds and where we support everyone to be their best. 

There is always more to do, and we're committed to continually progressing our journey, sharing our progress and challenges, and collaborating to bring positive change. 

We believe that diverse teams bring a great variety of thought, skills, experience and perspectives to our Group. 

That diversity means we’re more innovative and more creative as a business. 

Combined with inclusive workplaces where we can all achieve our potential, it means our Group continues to grow and it creates more opportunities for everyone. In short, our difference is our strength.

Diversity Goals

To help build on our progress, we have an ambitious set of Group diversity goals. 

They particularly focus on our gender diversity and the ethnic diversity of our Group. 

You’ll find more information below and regular updates in our Annual Report. 

Our Group Diversity goals