Today, we are pleased to be celebrating the two-year anniversary of Everyone is Included, our plan for an inclusive, equitable and healthy future for all.

When all our colleagues can be themselves and achieve their full potential, we’re better able to create the more efficient, safer and sustainable world that we all aspire to have. Everyone is Included is our plan to build inclusive and equitable workplaces as well as the culture that will make this possible.

Within our plan, we have ten Group Inclusion Commitments. These Commitments apply to everyone who works in our Group and are our way to make a positive difference to the lives of all our colleagues around the world. Inclusion is a team effort. By living our values and being our authentic selves, we can all make our difference for each other – together and every day.

Reflecting on the two-year milestone, Group Head of Inclusion, Equity and Wellbeing, Darren Towers said: “The impact of Everyone is Included has been far reaching and made a tangible difference to the lives of many colleagues, enabling them to bond with their new babies, or step away from work to support loved ones in times of need with paid caregiver leave. Through hybrid working, colleagues are better able to balance all aspects of life, while our Wellbeing Day has introduced an extra day of paid leave to focus on any aspect of personal wellness. Since launching Everyone is Included, colleagues tell us they feel more welcomed, included and proud of our Group.”