Our Health and Safety Culture

Health and Safety (H&S) is more than a phrase within our Group, it is a core Value, and we endeavor to operate beyond compliance, continuously striving for continual improvement and remaining constantly vigilant to any potential risk.

We genuinely care about ourselves, our colleagues, our customers, our communities, our environment and our suppliers. We also strive to ensure everyone feels included, empowered and supported, so that whenever things go wrong or right, including with our own mental health and well-being, we speak up.

C.A.R.E. - Our Group H&S Excellence Framework

We continue to evolve our approach with the introduction of a five year Group H&S Excellence Framework.

This is our internal philosophy to achieve significant enhancements to our H&S culture; Assurance; Risk; and Engagement (CARE), in addition to established external systems certification across the Group. By the end of 2023, 51 of our Group Companies were certified to ISO 45001 or equivalent.

Our H&S performance

We have a behavioural based approach to safety within our Group. 

We ask our colleagues to capture everything from observations of at-risk behaviours through to accidents that occur to enable us to review and take steps to prevent these incidents from reoccurring. 

We do not want anyone to be injured that is connected to our Group, and if they are we learn and improve, taking a holistic approach to reducing risk which is the foundation of enhancing and maintaining our special H&S Culture.

Learning to improve

We encourage cross-Company learning and sharing of best-practice and our wide range of engagement initiatives are well attended across the Group. This regular cadence and engagement has been invaluable as we have matured and advanced our approach to H&S team collaboration.

We have also continued our research and investment in technological solutions to improve our understanding of risk and to improve our culture. Examples include the successful pilots of a machine learning data analysis tool and a H&S culture benchmarking survey and analysis platform. 
View our Group H&S Policy Statement of Intent clearly outlining our H&S principles.