Promoting inclusive and equitable access to education

As part of our One Planet: Engineering with Purpose Sustainability strategy we have established a Group Education Fund that will donate up to £15 million to educational causes by 2030. The Group Education Fund aims to improve diversity in engineering, tackle poverty though education, remove barriers and improve female access to education across the local communities in which we operate.

Where we made our difference in 2023.

In 2023, the Group Education Fund's second year of operation, 100 projects received a total of £2 million of funding. 

Successful projects included:

  • Funding of a NASA discoveries program for 20 children in the USA
  • Funded scholarships for students in Brazil, France, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan and Thailand
  • Funded 16 free technical courses for over 300 vulnerable young people and adults in Argentina
  • Funded an entrpreneurial initiative for 120 young students to develop communication, social and entrepreneurial skills in Colombia
  • Funded the refurbishment of 6 classrooms that were badly damaged by an earthquake in 2017 in Mexico
  • Created and equipped a STEM innovation lab for children to serve three 'SOS villages' in Jordan, as well as training caregivers who will help the young people use the lab
  • Built a learning hub for students at an elementary school in an underprivileged area, includes a library and computer hub to support engineering in the Philippines

How the Group Education Fund works

The Group Education Fund is a central source of funding that any Spirax Group company can apply to, to support a local educational need. The onward donation of grants is managed and overseen by our Group operating companies locally. The Group Education Fund does not receive applications directly from charities, individuals or educational organisations.