Our One Planet: Engineering with Purpose Sustainability Strategy is our commitment to operating sustainably and our roadmap to building a more sustainable future for people and the planet. Through our six strategic initiatives, we deliver climate and environmental action, increased customer sustainability, resilient supply chains and stronger communities.

I’m immensely proud of my colleagues for embracing this challenge by adopting new and innovative ways of thinking and working; as well as demonstrating leadership in our industry.

Nimesh Patel, Group Chief Executive Officer, Spirax Group

Through our One Planet: Engineering with Purpose Sustainability Strategy we will deliver:

Climate and Environmental Action

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Customer Sustainability

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Resilient Supply Chains

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Stronger Communities

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Ratings and rankings

We are committed to making a difference for both people and planet. Our ratings and rankings demonstrate this commitment and the progress we are making on our sustainability journey.

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Our Approach

Underpinned by shared Values, our Responsible Business Foundations demonstrate our:

- Unwavering focus on the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone associated with our operations
- Commitment to treating employees fairly, providing training and development as well as creating inclusive environments, where diversity can thrive
- Determination to operate ethically, putting people and shared Values at the heart of our culture of ‘doing the right thing’.

We are building on these foundations to accelerate our own sustainability performance, and will work with our customers, suppliers and communities to drive meaningful and positive change.

Responsible Business Foundations