Supporting and protecting colleagues

Underpinned by shared Values, our responsible business foundations are fundamental to the success of our business and key contributors to our Group's future sustainability.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety (H&S) of everyone in and associated with Spirax Group is our first priority and considered in everything we do. We also seek to engage and inspire our colleagues on H&S topics so that they recognise the important role they play in our collective responsibility. This means always doing the right thing, even when no-one is looking because Health and Safety is never fixed.

We believe that a strong H&S culture is one where respect, care, integrity and accountability are all evident. We encourage our colleagues to think beyond compliance with the rules when it comes to their own health, safety and wellbeing and that of colleagues working alongside them.

For our Group Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors, and Executive management teams, H&S is a priority, and it is the first consideration in all that we do. Nothing is more important to us than H&S, which is why it is always a standing agenda item at all meetings, including every Board and Group Executive Committee meeting.

Learn more about our Health and Safety performance and our Group Health and Safety Excellence Framework – CARE

Health and Safety

People and Wellbeing

We are a global business united by our Purpose and where the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues is paramount. Wherever we work, we are guided by our Values of Safety, Respect, Integrity, Customer Focus, Excellence and Collaboration. Inclusion is embedded in all our Values, empowering each of us to be our best, authentic selves and achieve our full potential. An inclusive, equitable and wellbeing-focused culture makes us stronger as individuals, as teams and as Spirax Group. It is central to the promises we make to our colleagues and critical to achieving our Purpose. That’s why we’ve put inclusion at the heart of our Group through ‘Everyone is Included’ (our Group Inclusion Plan and Inclusion Commitments), Diversity Goals and more. We support our colleagues through our HR policies and systems that help ensure their fair and equitable treatment around the world.

When we put each other and our wellbeing at the heart of what we do – and how we do it – we encourage meaningful work that helps create the sustainable future we all aspire to have and strengthens the commitment to our Purpose.

People and Wellbeing

Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion unlocks our potential. When all of our colleagues can be themselves and achieve their full potential, we’re better able to create the more efficient, safer and sustainable world that we all aspire to have. A culture that empowers and embeds this is one that also attracts great colleagues from all backgrounds. It brings a diversity of individuals, experiences and thought to our Group, helping us become a better and higher performing business. This fuels our continued growth, creating more opportunities for our colleagues and all of our stakeholders. We are a Group where everyone is included and where our difference is our strength. To help build on our progress, we have an ambitious set of Group diversity goals. They particularly focus on our gender diversity and the ethnic diversity of our Group.

Our Inclusive Group

Ethical Business

By operating in accordance with our Group’s Values and Policies, as well as adhering to all local laws and regulations, we establish and maintain a culture of ethical behaviour throughout our global operations. We provide training and support to help keep our colleagues, as well as our wider Group, protected from instances of fraud and cyber-related crime. We encourage colleagues to be vigilant and proactive and to report any concerns they have. Our Group whistle-blowing platform, SafeCall is available in every country where we work for colleagues to quickly and confidentially report any concerns they might have.

Ethical Business Practices